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Simple and Easy Home Safety Tips For Homeowners

By Edgar Miles

Shingle Style CottageSafety and security should be your main considerations when choosing or renovating your home. Sure, it is also important to consider comfort, style, and design, but your number one priority should be home safety. If you can spend hundreds of dollars to make your home beautiful, you should also be ready to spend some money to make your home secure and safe.

Making your home secure and safe does not have to be very expensive. You can carry out some preventative measures or take steps that only require you to change some habits or routines. Of course there are also certain procedures that you can do that might require you to spend perhaps hundreds of dollars. However, you need to know that whatever the amount of money that you spend, it is incomparable to the security and peace of mind that you will feel if you know that your home is safe.

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Developing A Home Maintenance Plan

By Matt D Cottenham

Young Woman Holding a Silicon Applicator Gun SmilingWe all know we should take our car in to have the oil changed every three thousand miles or so, and that we should go to our doctor yearly for our annual check up, but what about your home? Do you have a maintenance plan? In this article we will talk about how to create a home maintenance plan and just how important it is to not only have one, but also how important it is to follow it.

Let’s start with an example. Say you notice that some of the wood around the windows of your house is peeling. You decided you would let it go since it isn’t that bad. You go about your usual business and a couple of months later you decide you better go scrape and paint the wood. When you get to the wood you notice that the wood has rotted, and the job just became a major task of replacing the wood.

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How to Protect Your Home During Extreme Cold Weather: Some Cold Weather Tips to Use Right Now

By Annette S. Colby

While you can’t change the weather, you can minimize some of the extreme cold’s biggest threats to your home. Here is a list of helpful reminders about how to keep your home warm and safe in extreme cold weather:

Things To Do Before a Freeze

Turn off sprinkler system.
Wrap all exposed pipes outside or in unheated areas of your home.
If you have pipes along an exterior wall that are in a cabinet, open the cabinet door.
Disconnect and drain garden hoses from outside faucets.
Insulate faucets with Styrofoam covers or wrap tightly with old rags.
Know where the main water shut off valve is and have the shut-off key handy in case a pipe bursts.
Things to Do During Sub-Freezing Temperatures

Allow water to drip slowly from inside faucets during a freeze.
Open cabinet doors under sinks to expose pipes running along outside walls.
Close garage doors.
Drip hot and cold faucets in kitchen and bath.
Things to Do if You Encounter a Frozen Pipe

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