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The Features Of Triple Pane Windows

By Paul McCray

Triple Pane PlygemWindows were originally made from a single pane of glass, before the innovation of double panes were introduced. Now triple pane windows are available, which hold many advantages over the previous two types. These windows will usually be more expensive, however for many people they are worth the extra cost. There are several reasons why triple pane windows are considered to be particularly energy efficient.

An Extra Layer Of Insulation
Put very simply, the reason that windows have advanced from single to double to triple panes is that the more panes there are the greater the thermal insulation properties the window will have. There will be more barriers for heat energy to have to pass through to escape. To aid in this insulation, in between each pane an inert gas is trapped. This is usually krypton or argon. This gas makes it very difficult for any heat to pass through the window, and therefore keeps it trapped within the house.

Efficient Use Of Frames And Spacers
In order for triple pane windows to work efficiently as thermal insulators the distance between each pane must be precisely measured. This is accomplished with the use of spacers, which are made from materials with high insulating properties, such as silicone foam or stainless steel. The frames of triple pane windows can be made from wood, metal, vinyl, or a composite material. These frames will often be thermally improved to provide more efficient thermal insulation.

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Vinyl Windows Can Increase the Value of Your Property

By Peter J Michael

?PlyGemWindows_BLANK_RPWindow is one of the important features of the home. There are different window treatments that can change the appearance of your window. Like blinds, curtains, drapes, shutters and other window treatments. There are different types of replacement windows if you want to put new windows in your home or replace old windows that are worn out or need repair. There are different types of replacement windows like fiberglass, wood, steel and windows. Vinyl windows are hollow on the inside with good insulation and are built to be sturdy. They are less expensive than other windows.

If you already have wood windows in your house and want to replace it with vinyl windows then you have to remember certain points. Some of the important points are saving energy costs, low maintenance, noise reduction and increase in property value.

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Winter Window Condensation Problems

By Todd Fratzel

Condensation2If you live in a cold part of the country you are familiar with condensation and ice forming on the inside of windows. This problem is becoming more prevalent with new home construction due in part to the increased insulation and “tightness” of the houses. As the temperatures continue to drop outside I receive lots of inquiries about window condensation.

Condensation and ice form on windows because the window surface is below the dew point for the air near the window, so some of the moisture in the air condenses on the glass. The higher the relative humidity of the air near the window, the higher the temperature of the dew point. Basically there are two ways to prevent this from happening. The first is to reduce the relative humidity in the house and the second is to increase the temperature of the window glass.

Reducing the relative humidity is the most effective way of reducing window condensation. Make sure that exhaust fans are vented properly and in good working condition. Bathrooms, dryer vents and kitchen vents are the biggest culprits for introducing increased humidity inside the home. Proper venting is crucial because today’s homes have been insulated so well that there is no way for the additional moisture to escape. To be effective the relative humidity must be dropped to a minimum of 40%.

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