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Vinyl Siding: The Misunderstood Finish

By Mike Merisko

vinyl2For the last 20 years vinyl siding has been the exterior finish of choice, ahead of wood, aluminum, and steel. Besides being virtually maintenance free, it is also chosen for its colors, style choices and durability.

Many of the myths about vinyl siding stem from its early years when cracking, fading, and buckling were part of its characteristics. Technology quickly caught up with these faults and made it a more viable product for an exterior finish.

Another false read that people may have gotten about vinyl siding is seeing a poor installation on a new or re-sided house. Installers not knowledgeable or not following the manufacturers recommended installation instructions could produce a poor job making one think its typical of all vinyl siding jobs.

One of the most common mistakes made when installing vinyl siding is not allowing room for expansion. During warm weather a 12 foot panel can expand up to 1/2 inch. Because of this, the siding is installed 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch short of J-channels and corners depending on the temperature its installed in.

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Important Steps to Take for Hail Damage on Your Roof!

By C. Michael Hunter

roofdamage 004A roof is very susceptible to hail damage from a storm. When such strong weather happens, it can create a minimal to severe loss. The impact may cause: dents; holes; pockmarked paint; chipped or split tiles; and granular loss. Several subsequent symptoms may appear that strongly suggest that such damage has occurred.

One way to avoid spending too much money for repairs if the housetop is damaged from a storm is to have homeowners insurance that will handle necessary repairs and replacement. If the structure is insured, a claim can be filed and the insurance company will send an estimator to assess the extent of the damage.

The housetop must be inspected by a trained and experienced estimator to be sure that all the loss is properly noted. Even if the inspector only finds minimal damage, an insurance claim should still be filed with the insurance company.

Following are indications of major hail damage:

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Insulated Vinyl Siding Offers Attractive Low Maintenance and Superb Energy-Efficiency

By Matt Gallo

Vinyl siding has long been one of the most popular home exterior products in the United States. It’s durable, low-maintenance, affordable, and beautiful. However, vinyl provides little to no additional insulation for your home (some R-value estimates are as high as 1 but many are as low as 0.15). That’s what makes the new insulated vinyl siding so attractive-it’s vinyl with the added benefit of thermal insulation, a win-win for many homeowners.

Insulated vinyl siding is a solid-core home exterior product. First introduced by Crane Plastics in 2001, insulated vinyl is now available from any number of manufacturers. This new type of vinyl siding takes a great product and makes it even better. You get the low maintenance, durability, and great looks of traditional vinyl, plus a whole lot more.

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