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Are you getting moisture on your windows?

It may be caused by excess moisture in your house. Too much humidity can cause moisture build up on  your windows.  Some common known items in your house can add more moisture than what is considered average.  Some of these items are as follows: Plants, Animals/Pets, Fish Tanks, Extra guests/people, cooking, showering, humidifiers, and fountains.Moisture will accumulate on items such as windows, soda pop cans, and toilets when the items temperature reaches the the rooms dew point.  The dew point causes water vapor to condense into water. This can be changed by adjusting the relative humidity on interior/exterior of your home. Condensation will also happen on the exterior of your windows when the humidity outside is high and the dew point temperature is met, similar to dew forming on a blade of grass. This is not an issue and it only means that your windows are performing.  In winter you should follow this guide to help your condensation level.

Outside Temperature                        Inside Humidity

20º to 40ºF                                          Not over 40%

10º to 20ºF                                          Not over 35%

0º to 10ºF                                            Not over 30%

-10º to   0ºF                                         Not over 25%

-20º to –10ºF                                       Not over 20%

-20ºF or below                                     Not over 15%

For more information on condensation please visit our link: Window Condensation



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